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Adopt your new best friend at our greyhound rescue kennels in Kent

Thanks to their grace, good nature and intelligence, greyhounds have been a popular hunting and companion dog for literally thousands of years. Your first association with greyhounds might be through greyhound racing, but these beautiful animals have so much more to offer than just speed and agility on the track. At Croftview in Kent our mission is to provide cradle to grave care to greyhounds and help them find their forever homes. Greyhounds are very people-oriented, easy-going dogs who only need two brisk walks a day to stay fit and happy. When you meet the gentle and friendly dogs at our greyhound rescue kennels, you'll soon see that this breed can make a wonderful companion to families and people of all ages.

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A dream run from kennel to forever home

The team at  Croftview passionately believes that rescue greyhounds can become a loyal friend for life. We provide full support throughout the adoption process and beyond to ensure that every re-homed dog has the best chance to integrate quickly and happily into its new home and family. Our rescue kennels are meticulously maintained to ensure the best health and happiness for the dogs under our care, as well as providing a pleasant environment for visitors, volunteers and potential pet parents alike. No appointments are necessary, so come in and meet our lovely greyhounds who are ready to start their new lives!
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Happy, healthy hounds seeking humans

Although we specialise in re-homing retired greyhounds here at Croftview, this does not mean our rescue dogs are sick, old or have behavioural issues. On the contrary, the majority of our home-seeking hounds are aged between 18 months and 5 years old (although they might be younger or older). Our greyhounds are generally happy, healthy animals who are simply looking for a second chance at life once their last race has been run. Of course, some gentle training and patience from the new pet parent is always appreciated by any rescue dog.
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Give a greyhound a helping hand

Running such a comprehensive greyhound adoption centre comes at a significant cost. Even if you are not in a position to adopt a greyhound yourself, you can still support the work of  Croftview. The generous donations of our sponsors and patrons helps us to pay for worming, microchipping, neutering and all other essential medical expenses as well as the general running costs of the kennels and adoption programme.
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