• By Vivien Kinnear
  • 09 Apr, 2016

Kennel 01

Lisa - Black - 2 years old

Kennel 01 - Sponsored by Twiggy

Lisa is not your typical 2 year old, she is quite lazy and enjoys a good snooze,but equally she likes going out on her walks. She loves and adores people and likes nothing more than being fussed and loved. She is quite a big girl but also very beautiful and is sure to get a lot of admirers. Lisa is well behaved with other dogs when out and about on her walks. As Lisa loves people and affection so much she would probably prefer a home to herself so she can have all the cuddles to herself!. She does find kennels a bit stressful so we are keen to find her a home quickly. She is ok with children over 10 and is clean in her kennel. She is a stunning dog who is sure to make an excellent family pet. 

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