Belle (Freddie's sister) - RESERVED

  • By Vivien Kinnear
  • 04 Apr, 2016

Kennel 06

Belle - Black - 4 years old

Kennel 06 - Sponsored by Caroline Woolf and Tilly

Belle is beautiful and has the shiniest black coat. She has a sweet nature and when she knows you she wags her tail and wants cuddles. However she is a little shy in new situations and sometimes finds the outside world a little overwhelming. Belle is sister to Freddie who she looks to for a bit of security and confidence. We would love Freddie and belle to find a home together as they have always lived together and it would be heartbreaking to have to separate them. They really are an easy pair, very well mannered, sensible and walk side by side on the lead together. They are the perfect pair.

Photo below is Belle and Freddie, who are brother and sister.

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