• By Vivien Kinnear
  • 06 Mar, 2016

Kennel 35

Salem - Black - 4 years old

Kennel 35 -  Sponsored by To the Croftview team, thanks for all the love, Luke Grace   and Harry.

Salem..... words have not yet been invested to describe this amazing boy! The moment everyone meets him they fall in love. He is a big boy, with the most beautiful face and a big heart full of love to give. Don't let his size put you off though as he is a big baby. He is a bit nervous of a few things which are new to him and looks to you for comfort. He is a calm, gentle giant who loves nothing more than lounging in his bed and watching the world go by. Salem will need a bit of help initially in understanding new things in the world away from kennels and will quite happily live with a girl who can show him the ropes.
Come and meet Salem and fall in love ❤️

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