By Vivien Kinnear 09 Apr, 2016

Spot - Fawn/White black - 4 years old

Kennel 01 - Sponsored by Twiggy

More info to follow

By 0011571523 08 Apr, 2016

Sally 2 - Black - 2 years old

Kennel 02 -  Sponsored by John Homer and Greyhound support Medway

Sally has only just arrives we will write more as we get to know her

By Vivien Kinnear 07 Apr, 2016

Faith - Black - 3 years old

Kennel 03 - Sponsored in memory of Graham Thwaites

Dear sweet, dainty little Faith, she can be a little bit of a drama queen at times and can be a little stubborn but at the end of it all she just wants to be loved. She is very small and slight in figure with soulful eyes and floppy ears you just want to hug and kiss her. We are sure she would like the finer things life, perhaps a roast dinner every Sunday and a log fire to bask in front of? A lovely girl just wanting to be loved so much, could you give Faith the home she is looking for.

By Vivien Kinnear 06 Apr, 2016

Dot - white/Blue - 5 years old

Kennel 04 -   Sponsored by Ricky Whaites

With unusual blue and white markings and a little grey nose, Dot really does catch your eye. She also has a very unique party trick, she gives some very special people a wink! Dot is sometimes a little reserved at first and it seems as if she thinks she's not deserving of affection. She will look at you with her brown eyes and gently lean into you for a cuddle. She gets on well with her kennel mates and would probably like a home with a male for company. Dot will make a fantastic pet and longs for someone to show her love.

By Vivien Kinnear 05 Apr, 2016

Awaiting new arrival

Kennel 05 - Sponsored in honour of Angel and Cooper Swart – Long


By Vivien Kinnear 04 Apr, 2016

Lee - White/Brindle - 4 years old

Kennel 06 - Sponsored by Caroline Woolf and Tilly

More info to follow

By Vivien Kinnear 03 Apr, 2016
Hawk - Black - 2 years old
Kennel 07 - Sponsored by Bexley Dog Training Club

Hawk is a small boy with a cheeky personality and a tongue that just can't help but pop out
and say hello.
On the odd occasion he is a little unsure but mostly he is quite simply nuts! but in a good way.
He just craves attention from anyone he sees and can't wait for meal and walk time.
He is a sweet little boy just waiting to start his new life in his own home.

By Vivien Kinnear 02 Apr, 2016

Angie - Blue Brindle - 1 year old

Kennel 08 - Sponsored in fond memory of Shirley Banks  

Angie is ready for homing as she was completely useless at racing! She still has her puppy ways so needs someone to be strong and assertive with her at the beginning  to teach her some manners.

You will be falling for her little sweet face and demanding ways to get a cuddle from you.

By Vivien Kinnear 01 Apr, 2016

Nemo - Blue - 4 years old
Kennel 09 - Sponsored In Memory of Pat Thompson. A Lady Who Loved Her Greys. 

Nemo has just arrived we will write more as we get to know him

By 0011571523 31 Mar, 2016

Awaiting new arrival

Kennel 10 - Sponsored "In loving memory of Alan Hutton"

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