By Vivien Kinnear 09 Apr, 2016

Lisa - Black - 2 years old

Kennel 01 - Sponsored by Twiggy

Lisa is not your typical 2 year old, she is quite lazy and enjoys a good snooze,but equally she likes going out on her walks. She loves and adores people and likes nothing more than being fussed and loved. She is quite a big girl but also very beautiful and is sure to get a lot of admirers. Lisa is well behaved with other dogs when out and about on her walks. As Lisa loves people and affection so much she would probably prefer a home to herself so she can have all the cuddles to herself!. She does find kennels a bit stressful so we are keen to find her a home quickly. She is ok with children over 10 and is clean in her kennel. She is a stunning dog who is sure to make an excellent family pet. 

By 0011571523 08 Apr, 2016

Ricky - White/Black - 18months

Kennel 02 -  Sponsored by John Homer and Greyhound support Medway

More info to follow

By Vivien Kinnear 07 Apr, 2016

Faith - Black - 3 years old

Kennel 03 - Sponsored in memory of Graham Thwaites

More info to follow


By Vivien Kinnear 06 Apr, 2016

Dot - white/Blue - 5 years old

Kennel 04 - Sponsored by Skip the Saluki and Tiffany in memory of Emily

With unusual blue and white markings and a little grey nose, Dot really does catch your eye. She also has a very unique party trick, she gives some very special people a wink! Dot is sometimes a little reserved at first and it seems as if she thinks she's not deserving of affection. She will look at you with her brown eyes and gently lean into you for a cuddle. She gets on well with her kennel mates and would probably like a home with a male for company. Dot will make a fantastic pet and longs for someone to show her love.

By Vivien Kinnear 05 Apr, 2016

Freddie - Black - 4 years old

Kennel 05 - Sponsored in honour of Angel and Cooper Swart – Long

Freddie is a handsome black boy who looks like he's wearing a tuxedo. He's a happy boy, with a happy tail and is a typical boy who just wants to please. Freddie is brother to belle and he does a wonderful job of looking after her and giving her a bit of confidence as she finds the world slightly overwhelming. We are really hoping Freddie and belle will find a home together as they have always lived together. You may be thinking taking two dogs together is too much but these two are so easy and in tune with each other, it really is just like having one dog! They are the perfect ready made pair and someone is going to be really lucky to have them.

Photo below is Belle and Freddie, who are brother and sister.

By Vivien Kinnear 04 Apr, 2016

Belle - Black - 4 years old

Kennel 06 - Sponsored by Caroline Woolf and Tilly

Belle is beautiful and has the shiniest black coat. She has a sweet nature and when she knows you she wags her tail and wants cuddles. However she is a little shy in new situations and sometimes finds the outside world a little overwhelming. Belle is sister to Freddie who she looks to for a bit of security and confidence. We would love Freddie and belle to find a home together as they have always lived together and it would be heartbreaking to have to separate them. They really are an easy pair, very well mannered, sensible and walk side by side on the lead together. They are the perfect pair.

Photo below is Belle and Freddie, who are brother and sister.

By Vivien Kinnear 03 Apr, 2016
Tonto - Brindle - 2 years old
Kennel 07 - Sponsored by Bexley Dog Training Club

Tonto has the most enormous enthusiasm for life - so much so that he sometimes forgets where or what he was doing in the first place! Once he has been neutered (all men wince here!) he will become much more sensible. At present he is mesmerised by the greyhound statue at our front door and wants to rush up to it, but when he gets there he licks it on the head! He is a handsome lad who will mature into a fun addition for the family.

By Vivien Kinnear 02 Apr, 2016

Chase - White - Lurcher 7-8 months old (Roughly)

Kennel 08 - Sponsored in fond memory of Shirley Banks  

Good with all breeds of dogs and fantastic with kids also, but a BIG no no with cats unfortunately.

95% house trained, but does like to chew everything, so would need lots of toys and lots of playfull times.

Come and meet this lovely boy. He has a face to dye for.

By Vivien Kinnear 01 Apr, 2016

Josey - Black- 9 years old
Kennel 09 - Sponsored In Memory of Pat Thompson. A Lady Who Loved Her Greys. 

Josie is 9 years old and she's spent all of those 9 years in kennels. She knows very little about the world outside kennels and when on a walk she looks at everything in awe, and with a slight bit of anxiousness. Josie is the sweetest girl who doesn't need much apart from someone to love her, show her the world she's been missing and a comfy sofa. We would really like to see her in a home as soon as possible so please come and meet her.

By 0011571523 31 Mar, 2016

Maggie - black with ticks - 4 years old

Kennel 10 - Sponsored "In loving memory of Alan Hutton"

Maggie has only just arrived and we are still getting to know her. She can be a little shy to start with but soon comes around and will greet you with the biggest smile you will ever see. A little sweet heart with so much to offer.

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