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Introducing the patron of our greyhound charity in the South East

On the racetrack, greyhounds are celebrated and revered as the champions they are. Sadly, when all their races have been run, these majestic animals do not always enjoy the comfortable and caring retirement they have earned. A large number of ex-racing greyhounds face the prospect of living out their final days in poorly maintained, overcrowded shelters and many unfortunate dogs are simply put down in their prime.

Greyhound Trust Harvel (Croftview) is a greyhound charity dedicated to rescuing and re-homing ex-racing dogs in the South East region. As only a small kennel with limited available funds and staff, Croftview is largely dependent on the generosity of the public. We are immensely grateful to our patron, Twiggy Lawson, who donates her time and money to assist us in giving these noble creatures the care they deserve.
Twiggy with greyhounds

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The Difference That a Patron Makes

The world famous model/actress Twiggy Lawson first visited our kennels in August of 2004 when she learned that we were having problems re-homing two of our older ex-racing greyhounds. Like many who visit Croftview, Twiggy was immediately besotted with the dogs and was pleasantly surprised at their gentle natures and how easy they are to handle. Twiggy generously agreed to become our patron and with her backing we were able to re-home the dogs in question. Her continued support allows us to provide better care for all of our greyhounds. The team at Croftview would like to thank Twiggy Lawson for her ongoing and unwavering support and the immense difference she has made to the lives of so many our greyhounds.
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