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Success stories from our greyhound rehoming efforts in Kent

At Croftview in Kent, our mission is to provide the very best greyhound rehoming services we can. Our team is dedicated to making sure each dog and its new family get all the support and assistance they need. We are always keen to hear how our ex-guests are getting along in their new homes, so please send us your stories and photos! Recently, our magnificent Arnie and the svelte Scarlett have both found their forever homes. On this page, we invite you to reflect on some of our other success stories along with pictures of the greyhounds in their new homes.

To adopt a greyhound or donate to support our rehoming efforts, please contact our team
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Greyhounds rehomed this week:








Following are some pictures of Greyhounds in their new homes. Please email your pictures to us and we will  publish them all as soon as we can. If there is a short story behind the picture please include that as well.
Hi all

Just to let know Chloe has settled in really well, with lots of attention and cuddles.
She’s loving her morning power walks (where she gets lots of attention) and has made friends with my sister in laws two naughty beagles.
Her new favourite thing is to pull washing off the radiator or pull the cushions off the sofa but apart from that she’s been a dream and we all love her very much.

I’ll keep you all updated


Hi all at Croftview, 

Rudy settled straight away in his new home,what a lovely boy

Star and Nancy
Nancy & Star are very comfortable in their new home in the Dordogne. Both are very sweet, gentle & make us laugh with their funny antics! Here are some photos - Nancy showing her beautiful tummy & everyone having a cuddle on the settee. Star is very cheeky, more energetic, greedy & funny. Nancy is calm (poor girl has been raced too often I imagine) & loves to lie on the settee, but enjoys running around the garden with her friend.


We love them both enormously already & would like to thank you all at Levriers en Detresse for all your hard work.


Much love from Sheena & Phil


Ho Ho ho !

My first Chrismas. See Zoé my good friend, she works with Santa Claus !

I had a lot of presents and lots of cuddles.

Life is nice in France..

Who says that greyhounds don't like cats ???
See, mine are sleeping with me and we gat warm to each other.
My third Xmas with Mum and the can be so nice...

Hamish and Misty

Hi all at Croftview,

We thought you would like to know how Hamish and Misty were doing after 2 weeks of coming home. As you can see from the attached photos they have made themselves at home. 

Misty is still figuring out home life and what treats are all about but Hamish is teaching her all she needs know.

We are unable to get to the Xmas party but will bring them over for a visit in the new year.

From very happy furbaby parents 

The Flux family 

Hello !
Do you remember the lurcher "Dustan",
He met his family yesterday. Will be in his home end of December.

Please can you put this on the website as we celebrate having picked Orla up from the kennel a whole year ago today!!!
This captures Orla perfectly...she is ball crazy!!

with kind regards
 Tracey Brackley 
Paddy aka Tosh
Hello my Angel !

Since i have a girlfriend Labrador, I'm no more afraid of anything !

My new life is geniuos and see my garden so smart, isn't ?

Now, I speak "greyhound" with French accent, yes I do !

Lots of love,


Oscar aka Skipper

Hello everyone at Croftview.
Its now been 3 weeks since you kindly let me adopt Oscar. Thank you so much he has exceeded all my expectations and more.
It is an absolute privilege to share a home with him, he has settled into a home environment so well.
He’s still a bit nervous of traffic and the world in general, but is getting better daily. He has made a great friend in Bruce, the Labrador, so much so they share a bed and sofa together.
He has even been off the lead in selected places and so far has been brilliant at coming back. He shows no aggression or interest in chasing any other dogs we have met, big or small.
Thank you again so much and wishing you all the very best.
Kind regards
P.S Here are some photos of Oscar. One is his first trip to the seaside. The others are him and his new friend Bruce out for a walk.


Maya (ex Maria) writing to you. I'm in a good home not far from Catherine our Auntie in France.
See how many beddies I have, my Goodness ! And my friend from Shetland, retired from mistreating is very nice. We have a hudge garden for us.
You know what : I'm happy !
Thank you for your help for a new life. I enjoy France.
Lots of love,

Hello !

Hero writing to you !

I have a nice sofa but I prefer the carpet or the grass.

Nice to have a lovely home in France.

Thank you my British Angels !
Woody aka Dippy
Hi everyone at Croftview .... it's Woody here! I've been in my forever home for a month now & am loving it! I live in an ENORMOUS kennel with my new mum & dad together with my kennel mate Bella (an elderly but spirited Labrador who shows me the ropes & house rules).

I've a choice of two lovely comfy high sided beds depending on where the sun is .... plus a rug with a view of the kitchen so I can supervise feeding time! There's also a big garden with lots of exciting areas to explore. Mum takes me to training classes twice a week where I'm learning so much. I even had a round of applause at the last class when I did my first off lead "down" on command followed by a recall. I was very excited & had a little whiz around to show how pleased I was & everyone laughed.

Every day I have lots of lovely walks visiting the woods & local valley where I have a paddle in the stream. I also love going in the car to visit different places for walks. I'm still getting used to all the strange sights, sounds & smells in this new world but with help I'm beginning to understand that life here is good fun!

Here are some photos so you can see how I'm doing.

Love Woody Southgate xx


Bella - Formally known as Girlie

Hi Croftview 
Thought you would like an update
on "Girlie" who is now Bella.
We have had her over one year now & she will be 7 years on the 13th August 2017.
Bella settled into home life with us very quickly & knew her name early on!
She mastered the stairs in a flash & her party trick is to run up & retrieve the furry pink slippers that she favours.....typical Girl?!!!!🐾🎀
Bella loves her 'Baby' called Ollie & sleeps with her every night,along with her bunny cushion & 'Florence'
her pink flamingo!
She sleeps well & never fusses once in her duvet!!!!
She is an absolute delight to have at home with my Mum whom she adores!
They Both look after each other & Bella will nudge Mum awake when it's supper time if she has fallen asleep!
She is such a character!!!
Bella loves chasing her ball in the garden & will run at speed around in circles with a grin on her face !!!
She is crazy & fits in well with us all by being so!!! 😃
She loves her daily walks & has a routine that suits her.
Whilst the summer was hot☀️she enjoyed lying in front of the fan!!!!
It's a Dog's life for her now!🐾🐾💜
Bella does not favour any breed of dog whilst she goes about her daily business but then who knows what her past haunted her with?
We are just thankful that she favours human company & is enjoying life to the full at home!
She loves being groomed & having her teeth cleaned !
She will stand for ages being fussed kissed & cuddled & will lie down then catch your eye & the fuss routine begins all over again!!! 😇
Hope you enjoyed her progress report!
Will send her Birthday photos in due course.

A Big thank you to all at Croftview for 
letting Bella choose to live with us!

Kind Regards
On behalf of Mrs.Lennon.


On holiday in my house in Spain


Isn't she just beautiful!
Taken at Capstone last week.
We have been to Moat Park with all the family today and she has proved to be a very obedient girl, coming back when called but enjoying herself with other dogs and resting amoungst us all in between.
She truely is a pleasure and is much loved x

Sent from Tracey Brackley with kind regards

Gail and Spirit

We do so love each other.
Thank you Mum & Dad for having us both.
Gail 10/Spirit 4


Hello that's me Danny the lovely greyhound you have given a chance to be very happy in France.


My favorite place is the sofa but the beach is also vevy nice.


Thank you !!

Walter aka Colt

Hello dear All !


Sheeba being very timid, she learns how a home is before adoption.

That's a good way to prepare her to her future life.

She's in a family trained to help dogs be more confident.


Nathalie is a veru good partner taking real care of the dogs.


Best wishes,




Hello dear All !


Sheeba being very timid, she learns how a home is before adoption.

That's a good way to prepare her to her future life.

She's in a family trained to help dogs be more confident.


Nathalie is a veru good partner taking real care of the dogs.


Best wishes,




Just a quick update on Nick, he's doing so well, we're in a good routine and he's eating and sleeping really well. He  is making friends with the regular dog walkers over the recreation ground, he is frustrated when he can't run free with them but soon calms down. 
Thank you again for all your help and advice.

Best wishes,


Hello !

Here photos of Mona the day of her adoption.

She is one of Nathalie.





Hello dear All !

Do you remember sweet William. See how beautifull he is.

Amitié de France,


Sunie and Kane

Hi to all of you at Croftview.
Sending some news about Sunnie And Kane, who have been with us in Aalesund, Norway, for almost five years.
Kane, who has his elleventh birthday today, 15. april, is in very good health for his age. He is running in the garden like a youngster.
He did for some time suffer from corns, and could not get rid of them, until he was treathed with lasertherapy (LLLT).
This treathment made the corns dissapear, and they have not returned.
Sunnie has just turned eight years, and she is the real diva as always. She is always ready for her walks in the near by sites together with Kane.
She has never had anykind of problems with her health. Sunnie has her everyday madness moments, running and playing in the garden.
We are happy to have the two dogs to look after, and are excited to se their developement still is very positive, and we are looking forward to many more happy years to come.
Best regards from
Sunnie and Kane,
Britt and Torgeir.

Orla (puppy) 

Just an update.....Orla in the garden today!! She is doing well at puppy classes and is in the next class now. Is ball obsessed and still into a lot of mischief at times but wouldnt change her!Loves to snuggle up on the sofa in the eves.


Jumped on bed first day up the stairs


Alfie is doing really well and he is a little cheeky boy but we love it and him?. Boy does he know how to get his nose in everything for a good sniff. So far we have had no problems with him, and he is great around Olivia so far. He sure has no concept of spacial awareness because he is big and he likes to sniff and investigate everything.... Everything around him. He is brilliant and he is truly part of the family.
The Jackson Family

Molly (Marie)

To all at Croftview 

Molly (Marie) has been with us nearly 6 weeks now and is such a beautiful dog. She is so much more settled, she is quiet all night, walks beautifully and has had good interactions with loads of other dogs of all shapes and sizes. Her true cheeky character is really coming out and she makes us laugh every day.

From Anne & Peter Hodges

Bennie the film star

Attached a photo of Bennie and his 'lady friend' last week! Still smiling at the thought of our day.



Thought you would like to know Dessie has really made himself at home and has settled well 

Steve Kendall


Few photos of Goldie the black girl !
In France


Hello !
I live on the Riviera and it's nice even in winter !


Hello Great Britain !

Who says that greyhounds don't like cats ? See mine, he's very big and we love each other.

My mums (yes I have two mums very in love) don't allowed the bed know we are very good for "racingbeds" !

Thank you for having give me a chance to be happy in France.

Auntie Catherine has given much advice to my mums and now we are a real family.

With love,



I'm Hunter the French.

See, Santa Claus has sent me a lot of presents and my parents say I'm the best grehound of the world !

Happy New Year my Bristish Angels.

I love for all the good you did for a nice retired greyhoud life.


 Hello !

That's Billy writing to you.

You know what : I'm happy !

I love you good British Angels !

Bugsy and Rosy

Life is so nice in a warm home...

Thank you for your kind help !

We love U

Bugsy and Rosy


Hello that's Kane !

Now my name is Sirius.

I have a nice home that I share with an old Irish Lady names Dolly by Catherine.


We also have a cat but she doesn't want to play with me !


Our mum is single but she loves us like two !


One month with Little Ivy, started out as an absolute angel, no change, still an absolute angel. Whoever deserted her, there loss our beautiful gain. She now has a new companion Tylo Vlad a Romanian rescue. Once again a big thank you for taking Little Ivy in & giving her a proper start in life.


Regards Ern & Raine

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