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Open your heart and help us rehome a dog from our kennels in Kent

Adopting a greyhound is a great idea for singles, families or couples of all ages. If you choose to take one of our amazing animals into your home, Greyhound Trust Harvel (Croftview) in Kent will give you all the support and help necessary to rehome a dog properly.

Once you have chosen a greyhound, then we will arrange a home visit. Please note that we do not rehome greyhounds after the 10th of December until the New Year, so home visits near Christmas will take place in January.

Please take careful note of the following requirements. Other concerns can be addressed during the home visit or at the kennels.

If you are considering adopting a greyhound and have any more questions, just call us
01474 815273

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Requirements and Tips for Adoption

We recommend that you organise someone to check on your dog if you are away from it for more than 4 hours. Most of our dogs have lived in kennels and they are familiar with a daily routine and the company of people and their kennel mates.

Please secure your garden. Greyhounds are naturally athletic and may have had jumps training. We recommend that garden fencing be 5 to 6 foot high all around with no outlets.

The greyhound must be kept inside the house and not in an outdoor kennel. Advice on bedding will be given, but a folded duvet complete with cover is a good, inexpensive option.

Any large windows or patio doors should be obscured with a blind or curtain. Your dog will not be aware of the dangers of transparent glass and could walk or run through it.

Complete foods are the best way of providing your greyhound with the proteins, vitamins and minerals it needs. Fresh meat or oily fish can also be added to their meals. Vegetables and biscuits will aid your dog's digestion and help keep their teeth healthy.
Please maintain general care of your greyhound such as trimming nails, keeping ears, coat and teeth clean as well as vaccinations and pest control.

It is vital that you take special care when introducing any dog to a home with small children or infants. Children should be educated to be calm and gentle with the dog and to respect its needs and its sleeping space.

Greyhound Trust Harve (Croftview) respectfully requests that a non-refundable donation of £125.00 be made when adopting a dog.

In keeping with Greyhound Trust policy, the dog will be neutered and vaccinated, given dental treatment, wormed, treated for fleas and micro-chipped.

Four weeks of free insurance is given via Pet Plan but we do recommend that owners take out pet insurance.

Socialising and training classes are excellent ways to help integrate your new greyhound to its new world. Muzzling is very important during this stage.

When choosing a dog, we ask you to please consider our many wonderful and loving older dogs and our fantastic Black Beauties!

Aftercare Advice

Some dogs find the transition from kennels to home life easy. However, others may find it somewhat overwhelming. All dogs are different and there is no set adjustment period. Here is where the owner's commitment and patience are of utmost importance. Croftview provides a very strong support system to help you and your new pet adjust to life together. Our team is available either at the kennels (01474 815273) or by e-mail. We consider our greyhounds lifelong members of the Greyhound Trust Harvel (Croftview) family. In the unlikely event that you are no longer able to care for your adopted greyhound, it will be taken back into our shelter.

A rehoming pack with full details can be obtained from the Greyhound Trust head office (020 8335 3016) or alternatively it can be collected from the kennel.
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