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Be a star and sponsor a greyhound at our rescue kennels in Kent

Did you know that it can cost rescue kennels up to £275.00 for a greyhound to be vaccinated, wormed and neutered prior to being rehomed? These costs are in addition to the everyday expenses of feeding, caring for and kennelling the dogs. To help us raise these much needed funds, Croftview has created a sponsorship system whereby groups, individual members of the public or businesses can sponsor one or more of our dogs. Sponsorship is a great way to lend a hand to animals in need and is also an excellent opportunity to gain publicity for your business, group or organisation.

If you wish to become a sponsor, call Croftview now on
01474 815273

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Sponsor a Kennel Space

If you are in business, sponsoring a kennel space is a fantastic way to support our greyhounds and publicises your services or products. Our Current Residents page is divided into 40 kennel spaces, each one of which can be sponsored. Every greyhound picture from the Current Residents page links to a corresponding image on the Details page, where a link to your business website can be placed.

For families, individuals and groups we can create a separate photo feature webpage that is linked to the kennel space that you sponsor.

All sponsors can get online and easily follow the rehoming progress of the greyhounds in the kennel spaces they have sponsored. Sponsors are encouraged to visit the kennels to meet, walk and get to know the dogs. Once your current sponsor dog is rehomed, a new resident will be allocated to the kennel space for you to get to know. Prices to sponsor kennel spaces are as below:

▪ £160.00 = 12 months per kennel space
▪ £250.00 = 2 years per kennel space
▪ £1000.00 = Permanent per kennel space 
Please note that all monies can be paid either by sending a cheque payable to 'Croftview rehoming kennels' or by telephoning the kennels to donate by credit or debit card.

Sponsor A "Dog of the Week"

Sponsoring one of our “Dogs of the Week” is a great way to help our greyhounds find a home and generate publicity for your business. Information about your company and a link to your website will be displayed on our “Dogs of the Week” page. For families, individuals or groups, we can link to a webpage we can create for you using photos you provide. Prices to sponsor a dog are:

▪ £250.00 = 12 months
▪ £400.00 = 2 years
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