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Lithe, sleek, graceful, loyal and affectionate, greyhounds are truly a magnificent breed of dog. Unfortunately, popular opinion about greyhounds means that people often have the wrong idea when it comes to these noble creatures. At Greyhound Trust Harvel (Croftview) in Kent, we strive to promote greyhound adoption and work hard to dispel the myths. Contrary to what is commonly believed, greyhounds are very friendly animals, get along well with other dogs, have no need for strenuous daily exercise routines and are fantastic companions for both children and the elderly. Our cause is to find homes for all the greyhounds under our care and work towards a day when no ex-racing greyhound is left homeless after their running career has ended.

If you wish to support our cause, we would love to hear from you! 
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Why do Greyhounds Need Rehoming?

Every year, approximately 10,000 greyhounds retire from racing. Some of these animals are lucky enough to become pets or find suitable accommodation. Sadly, many of these wonderful dogs will be destroyed when they finish their racing careers simply because there is nowhere for them to go. Rescue centres are all bursting at the seams and not all racing owners are in a position to take their dogs home. 
Greyhound Trust Harvel (Croftview) is dedicated to changing this terrible state of affairs and seeks to rehome ex-racing greyhounds with loving families.

Support the Kennels

To continue our work of rescuing and rehoming ex-racing greyhounds in need, Greyhound Trust Harvel (Croftview) is largely dependent on donations both from the public and businesses alike. Sponsoring a kennel space or dog, making a donation or adopting a greyhound will help us to continue our work.
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