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Get Involved with our greyhound adoption programme in Meopham

Although greyhounds have a long history of being champion racers, many people are unaware that these sleek, agile and friendly dogs also make wonderful pets. At Croftview, our greyhound adoption programme is dedicated to improving the lives of retired racing greyhounds and educating the public about the benefits of owning or sponsoring these beautiful animals. While greyhounds are universally regarded as champions on the racecourse, they are also quite misunderstood. Our kennel staff in Meopham can show you the true nature of these majestic hounds and help you to discover just why an ex-racing greyhound can make an ideal companion.

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Take a walk with us

Greyhounds are often seen as overly energetic, but in reality they are quite laid back creatures and only need a couple of walks a day. Whether you are thinking about adopting a greyhound or just want to help out, taking part in our voluntary walking program is a great way to get to know our dogs better. Disabled groups and other members of the community also find that voluntary dog walking offers a great chance to enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

Help out a hound in need

Our gorgeous greyhounds are always searching for people with great big hearts to give them a leg up. Croftview encourages people who may not be able to adopt a dog to enter into our sponsorship programme. Sponsors receive benefits such as regular detailed information regarding their sponsored greyhound, feature as 'Dog of the Week' on our website and are always welcome to visit our kennel.

Meet our greyhound gurus

Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds are gentle and friendly animals that just love being part of a pack. This makes them one of the best dogs for families with children and older people alike. With over 40 years of experience in caring for this particular breed, Croftview's greyhound gurus can help you sort out the facts from the myths.
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